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Entry: 1
Date: May. 16, 2010
Reviewer: Dj Allen
Speed: 10/10   Reliability: 10/10   Support: 10/10   Price: 10/10
I have worked with these guys for awhile now, they are quick, reliable, friendly and darn good at what they do. I recommend them to anyone and have never had any issues with them for over 3 years working with them. Their servers are Blazin' fast and their support even Quicker! If you do not have a host, then I think you should sign up with these guys Or... if you have Godaddy hosting or any of that other garbage trash it, and go sign up with Empire Hosting. Because I am a faithful customer now, and will not host with anyone else

Entry: 2
Date: July. 14, 2009
Reviewer: Milos Vucic
Speed: 10/10   Reliability: 10/10   Support: 10/10   Price: 10/10
3 years ago I moved my web site from shared hosting to Vps at Empire. I was really scared, because it was my first contact with Vps, and my knowledge about manging it was 0. Luckly, Empire has a great support. I must state that Dale (who I think is also owner of business) helped me so much about moving and setting up Vps. Also, later when our site got more visitors, we got help for optimizing web server and database. It was a pleasent surprise. About availability, no we didn't have 100% uptime... thats not possible, but almost all downtimes (because of upgrades or security fixes) were announced. And thats one great thing. Once, someone used exploit in our software to gain control of Vps, and used it to start outgoing Ddos attack. We good really fast help, and support managed to stop it and turn our Vps back to network. Usually people at host just suspend your account and let you manage it on your own, and thats not easy for someone who is proffesional jurnalist, not administrator. If I shouuld choose hosting provider again, as for sure I would choose them again.

Entry: 3
Date: July. 09, 2009
Reviewer: Allan Barizo
Speed: 10/10   Reliability: 10/10   Support: 10/10   Price: 10/10
As a web designer and administrator, I've dealt with my share of web hosts and none of them have compared to Empire Hosting. Now, it is the only host I recommend to all my clients because of its price and consistent quality. The first thing I noticed when I migrated to Empire Hosting servers was that despite my 20+ sites, I seldom experienced mysterious drops in speed or extremely high peaks of processor usage! Additionally, my 3 separate uptime monitor reports showed marked changes of much higher numbers than I've ever seen. With my past hosts, I used to be scared that I'd loose an important client's email message because my server was down or its resources were bogged down. Now it's never a problem because they don't over populate their servers. That same reliability also extends to Empire Hosting's customer service. When I switched from shared hosting to Vps hosting, their 24/7 technical support assisted me promptly (within 30 minutes) and knowledgably with my "n00b" and "not-so-n00b" questions. You can imagine how many questions I asked them as a strickly-Windows computer user! Most importantly, as a small business owner, the value I get from Empire Hosting is unsurpassed. Vps service is not cheap, but I still manage to get more than enough storage, bandwidth, and Ram (and WHM/cPanel) for a miniscule fraction of how much I make from my web sitse. Clearly, when it comes to Empire Hosting, you *DON't* get what your pay for! And that's a good thing!

Entry: 4
Date: February. 04, 2008
Reviewer: Monique LeForbes
Speed: 10/10   Reliability: 10/10   Support: 10/10   Price: 10/10
Excellent service, I have a Vps with them. My site has had no downtime, no errors or other problems, tech help is 24hrs, and you receive a response within 10-20mins. Your Vps is secured freely with a working firewall and extra security. Highly recommended, I have absolutely no complaints.


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