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Entry: 1
Date: March. 11, 2007
Reviewer: Clare Spencer
Speed: 1/10   Reliability: 1/10   Support: 1/10   Price: 1/10
I have been trying to get Doteasy to release my domain to my new registrar since the 22nd February when I entered the correct authorization code (it is now the 11th March). I would advise anyone who is with them to allow at least two months to avoid any transfer problems. My business website and e-mails are now down and I have had to contact them numerous times. I have not been able to activate the DNS transfer either.They are now stating it may be another five days and as they are not open over the weekend, this translates in reality to seven days! I transferred another domain name at the same time from another provider and the process took four days and was completely painless. I cannot urge people strongly enough to keep away from Doteasy. I have also noticed that KingKoopa is very active on noticeboards trying to dispel the negative comments by actual users of Doteasy. He or she seems to work either for Doteasy or its PR company, both need all the help they can get. STAY AWAY otherwise you'll end up like me Googling every web review/ discussion group to make sure no-one else makes the same mistake and goes through what I'm going through now.


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